Hope for the HopelessHOPE FOR THE HOPELESS -a short story (TouchPoint Press, 2013)

After losing her long-time job and facing a mound of debt with no respite in sight, Ingrid has resigned herself to the sadness and hopelessness that has become her life. When her children fail to call her on Christmas, Ingrid plunges deeper into her depression and resigns herself to the fact that no one cares—that no one would care or miss her if she were dead. A lone trip to a nearby store on Christmas Day changes the course of Ingrid’s life and brings hope in more ways than one.


MAKING MEMORIES (WIP, Contemporary women’s fiction with appeal to both YA and NA readers.)

Description: When Emma Wallace faces devastating news only days before Christmas, she makes the decision to keep the news from her daughter and extended family. Emma’s husband, Seth, reluctantly supports his wife’s decision and vows to help make this Christmas the best ever. In the face of emotional and physical exhaustion, Emma is determined not only to continue the annual tradition of hosting a Christmas party for the couple’s family and friends but to make this Christmas the best ever–a decision that will impact Seth’s and their daughter’s lives forever.

SOUL SEARCHER (WIP, YA paranormal series)

Description: Madison “Maddie” Moore, a good student and an even better friend, was slowly coming to grips with the loss of her mother. Her father, worried that her daily visits to the cemetery was only prolonging her ability to accept that her other was gone, was relieved when Maddie’s visits lessened to only a few times a week. Maddie was becoming active with friends and school activities again and her father began to feel hopeful that their lives were regaining some measure of normalcy again only to have his hopes shattered when Maddie not only resumes her daily visits to “talk” with her mother but begins visiting at all hours of the day and night. Her father thinks she’s losing touch with reality, unaware that Maddie’s actions are part of a unique calling that ultimately brings healing to her family. Feeling hope after her family’s loss, Maddie doesn’t realize that accepting this unique calling is not a one time event and that she is entering a realm of danger and evil where turning back is not an option.


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